How the guaranteed pass scheme works:

Get unlimited driving tuition with a qualified instructor for up to 12 months. With free refresher lessons and Theory Test Pro software. It’s a no-brainer really and gives you complete piece of mind.

Unlimited Driving Tuition

With no maximum or minimum limit on the amount of driving days you receive, you will get the amount of driving tuition needed to make you a safe competent and confident driver capable of passing the category B car driving test.

Free Refresher Lessons

Should you have the misfortune to fail a practical driving test it does not stop there. Your driving instructor will provide additional driving lessons on the run up to the next driving test to refresh your driving skills and go over the areas that caused you to fail the previous test, as many times as it takes driving test attempts for you to pass the practical driving test.

Up To 4 Theory/Practice Tests

Up to four theoretical or practical test attempts included – you may take either the theory and hazard perception test and the practical driving test up to a combined total of four attempts free of charge.

Complete Piece Of Mind

You have 12 months in which to complete the driving course, many complete it within three to four months but the important thing is that you are well prepared to pass your driving test without the pressure of finding extra money for more driving lessons. If you fail, the most it can cost you is another driving test fee, that is if you have failed 4 tests in total!

Plus, you get these extra benefits too:

Unlimited use of driving school car for practical driving tests – No matter how many practical driving tests it takes to pass, we will provide the car for you to take your driving test in.

Stress free theory test day – Your theory test is incorporated into your second training day so that you and your trainer can drive to the test – no need to arrange lifts or wait around for public transport.

Dedicated course manager – Whose job it is is to work with you and your instructor to make sure everything runs smoothly without problem.

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