Terms & Conditions

  1. You will be treated with respect and consideration.
  2. We will avoid any physical contact except in an emergency.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse tuition, however, we will not act in a way which contravenes legislation on discrimination.
  4. We will advise you when to book your practical test.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse the use of the Tuition car if it is felt you are not ready for a test.
  6. We will not change or cancel your lesson without consultation. i.e. When another Student has a Practical Test.
  7. We will endeavor not to be late for your lesson.
  8. A minimum of 24hrs notice is required to cancel a lesson without payment of the lesson in full.
  9. We will give 14 days’ notice of any Price Increases.
  10.  We will always to the best of our ability teach you the correct Driving Skills according to the DVSA syllabus.
  11.  We act in accordance with the “Code of Practise for Approved Driving Instructors”
  12.  We confirm that we have completed a “Covid 19 Infection Control and Safe Training Protocols” course (Copy of Certificate on request)